Japanese government urges youth to drink more alcohol

Japanese government urges youth to drink more alcohol

The Japanese government is pushing its young generation to drink more and more alcohol.
According to foreign media reports, Japan’s government has urged the younger generation to drink more alcohol after alcohol tax revenue has declined.
According to a Japanese survey, Japan’s younger generation is drinking much less alcohol than their parents, which has led to a huge decline in tax revenue.
The government is also launching a series of contests across Japan to encourage young people to drink more alcohol.
According to media reports, after the decline in alcohol tax revenue, the tax authorities have launched a campaign called ‘Sake Viva’, under which the government is working on ways to make alcohol more attractive. is asking 20 to 39-year-olds to create new wine-based products to attract more people to wine.
Japan’s tax authorities say the country’s alcohol market is shrinking due to lifestyle changes, such as younger generations drinking less, a declining birth rate and the coronavirus. The trend of alcohol consumption has decreased.
On the other hand, according to the data released by the Japanese Tax Agency, during the last 25 years, the average consumption of alcohol in Japan has decreased from 100 percent to 75 percent.

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