Amazon Two Pizza Rule One Simple Rule for Meeting Effectiveness

Amazon Two Pizza Rule One Simple Rule for Meeting Effectiveness

Amazon Two Pizza Rule One Simple Rule for Maximizing Meeting Effectiveness. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has this rule that states that no gathering is to be so large that two pizzas aren’t enough to feed the entire group. This is obviously an attempt to ensure that, as is the norm in large gatherings, no thoughts get lost in the chaos. Does this mean that Bezos is on to something or is he simply thirsty? We conducted some digging and also. Warning that It’s mathematics. We’ve been warned.

how many people does a 14 inch pizza feed? with an online pizza purchasing calculator (which is a fact and the technology of tomorrow is in place in the present) Medium 12″ pizza has eight slices and can feed three (so 3) people. On the basis of this, it is evident that the Two Pizza Rule dictates the ideal size for meetings should be about the size that is six (or the eight that lie directly in front of them). However, this is assuming you have the size of a medium-sized pizza. If you want to read more about trendy topics then visit

A Quick Acknowledgement

Before we go into the specifics and figures, let’s acknowledge that a large group is not going to cause the chaos in your company that the article seems to indicate. A large-scale group is an excellent way to bring a group to one. A check-in between departments gives the opportunity for everyone to learn what each department is working on. It also is a method of bringing together members of a team for a larger project.

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Trending Toward Disaster

It’s difficult, if not effective, to collect information that suggests that a single figure represents the appropriate size for the small group. This makes sense. The minimum number of people needed for discussions in groups is contingent on the organization of the group as well as the issues the group is considering.

Team Scaling

There is ample evidence that supports the drastic decrease in productivity when the size of the group increases. A while ago, an assortment of business school professors evaluated the notion that is referred to as “the “team the scaling error” by asking two – and four-person groups to create the model using Lego. Teams of two had an average of 36 minutes for completing the task while three-person teams had 52 minutes, on average. The productivity fell 50 percent when just one team member was added.

Social Interactions

We’ve witnessed a scenario where one person is the sole authority in the discussion and takes the whole group off track. The fact is that disruption to the decision-making process of the group by adding one’s own personal social peculiarities is a prerequisite that the social network is present.


Within every group, there are many “links” between people. The term “links” was used, somewhat ambiguously, by the Organizational Psychologist J. Richard Hackman in an interview with Harvard Business Review to refer to the social connection of individuals (refer to the formula below).

Six people in a group (the minimum number of persons allowed under the Two Pizza Rule) have fifteen Links. There is a maximum amount of people that can be in an organization according to the Two Pizza Rule, ten people bring an overall number of hyperlinks. 45 isn’t a huge number of links, but it’s sensible when you restrict the size of groups according to the guidelines of the Two Pizza Rule. But the trend is starting to grow and eventually increase.

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The Takeaway

What have we learned from this? We know that each board needs to be able to meet the minimum number of members needed to make decisions. It’s a challenge to reduce the size of groups without violating the law or causing harm to others. The bylaws. However, research has proven that smaller boards are more efficient. Two Pizza Rule Two Pizza Rule is as per all reports a fantastic shorthand way to restrict the size of meetings.

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