Spending time in the sun causes fatigue, research suggests

Spending time in the sun causes fatigue, research suggests

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, spending too much time

in the sun can cause dehydration in the body, which can make you tired.

Researchers say that even mild dehydration can trigger mood swings and feelings of fatigue. Sitting in the sun is equivalent to hard work for the body even if the work is done.
Dermatologist Heather D. Rogers (Heather D. Rogers) says that even a slight change in temperature affects the body and affects its functions, and the body works to maintain core temperature through sweating does.

In this way, your body works more on the internal level than on the outside, due to which you start feeling tired and sleepy.

This tiredness of the body is a normal thing which is commonly observed after returning from the beach when the body is tired due to lack of water.

Experts say that according to an estimate, one should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but this does not mean that all people can meet the need of water in the body by drinking the above amount of water.

People who work in the sun need to drink more water compared to people who spend all day indoors.
Also, the people working in the kitchen should also increase the use of water because the temperature of the kitchen is high, due to which water shortage may occur.

It’s important to remember, however, that there is a very distinct difference

between normal fatigue at the end of a busy day and heat exhaustion.

In heat exhaustion, the body brings body water to the surface of the skin to maintain internal temperature.

Thus, along with the fatigue, the pulse also starts racing and feeling drowsy or faint,

all these are symptoms of heat exhaustion.

In such a case, move to a cool place, use cool water, if symptoms persist, contact your doctor.

Try to avoid spending time in the sun, walk in the shade if you must.

drink more water to stay healthy.

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