Trump’s house raided, important documents of secret agencies were found

Trump’s house raided, important documents of secret agencies were found

Former US President Donald Trump has kept more than 300 important documents in his house.

Florida, despite leaving the office of the President, which were recovered after a court-ordered raid.

US media reported that documents related to the FBI, CIA and National Security were found in the former president’s spacious and luxurious Florida home.

It should be noted that the National Archives recovered some documents in February, which contained more than 150 classified materials.

after that the raids were carried out at Trump’s house “Mar a Lago”.

According to media reports, Donald Trump’s aide handed over a similar set of documents to the Justice Department in June.

FBI officials later found 11 sets of classified material while investigating Florida golf clubs and country clubs.

The details of the contents of the documents recovered from Trump’s house have not been revealed, but the American media say that they are files containing various topics related to national security interests.

The FBI and Trump’s representatives have yet to comment.

It should be noted that Trump has called this investigation an unthinkable violation of his rights

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