Mild electric shocks can protect the elderly from memory loss: research

Mild electric shocks can protect the elderly from memory loss: research

As people age, their memory begins to deteriorate, but now a simple electric shock can protect.

elderly from short-term and long-term memory loss. However, it is not yet clear whether this approach is helpful for people with dementia.

Robert Reinhart, an assistant professor at Boston University and co-author of the study, said that memory loss is a common symptom of cognitive decline as we age.

this habit of forgetting affects human decision-making, planning, and learning.

In this study, Reinhart and his team found that by giving mild electrical shocks to specific areas of the brain in repeated 20-minute sessions over four days.

the procedure reversed memory loss for at least 1 month.

During this research, 150 elderly people between 55 and 88 years of age were given mild electric shocks.

in such a way that they could reach inside and stimulate the brain and this process was continued for 4 consecutive days.

this process, the researchers asked all these people to recall 5 lists of 20 words the results were carefully evaluated.

After one month, it was found that the participants who were the most forgetful at the start of the study.

benefited the most from the treatment 1 month after it.

Researchers are also anticipating that it can benefit Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

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