The cause of diabetes has come to light

The cause of diabetes has come to light

According to foreign media reports, recent research has revealed.

if the vascular system becomes dysfunctional, metabolic changes occur that lead to diabetes and related diseases.

Diabetes is spreading very fast all over the world, if the disease is not controlled then the diabetic patients have to face various and serious complications.

According to a study published in the journal Circulation Research, American researchers have discovered the causes of diabetes.

according to which the dysfunction of the vascular system causes metabolic changes that lead to diabetes.

Later, diabetic patients face various other serious diseases due to this.

Medicine professor Thomas J. Bateson says that white fat and inflammation in diabetics are believed to cause blood vessels.

become dysfunctional, leading to heart, vision and kidney disease.

He said that recent research has revealed that blood vessels and arteries actually play an important role

Diabetes is associated with adverse effects on the blood vessels, as well as a reduction in the body’s stores of brown fat.

helps regulate body temperature and body weight and provides energy.

During this study, various experiments were carried out on diabetic mice.

showed that their insulin sensitivity increased when the weight of blood vessels decreased.

As a result, the amount of brown fat in these mice increased and damage to blood vessels decreased.

Experts have also discovered that in the human body, insulin helps send cells to the blood vessels.

help start the process of producing nitric oxide, which builds up brown fat cells.

In contrast, insulin resistance reverses this process, and nitric oxide deficiency increases the risk of coronary artery disease.
The researchers said that it was previously thought that diabetes increased the risk of coronary artery problems.

He has also said that further research will help in discovering new treatment methods for diabetes.

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