Did you know that you should not take a shower during a torrential downpour?

Did you know that you should not take a shower during a torrential downpour?

While it is forbidden to stand near trees, go outside and bathe in the rain during the monsoon rains.

now experts have also forbidden to take a shower during this time.

Yes, showering during thunderstorms can be harmful for you.

British scientists say that the risk of electrocution increases when taking a shower during stormy rains.
Scientist James Rawlings (James Rawlings) says that if lightning strikes a house during this time.

it may also pass through the pipelines. Although the chances of this are very low, it is important to be careful because lightning

is full of negative and positive charge.

this energy has to be transferred somewhere.
They say that when lightning strikes, it takes the path of least resistance to transfer energy—that is, it chooses conductors that will easily move electricity from one point to another.
While a person is taking a shower, there are two conductors around him in a pipeline made of water and metal, which makes the process of electricity transfer simple and quick.

According to James Rawlings, electrical discharges can travel through water and metal pipes into the shower or tub, causing you to receive an electric shock.

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