Lack of sleep makes people selfish, study finds

Lack of sleep makes people selfish, study finds

A restful night’s sleep is very important for good physical and mental health, if you don’t get enough.

sleep at night, it makes you selfish, you may also face various health problems.

Recent research has shown that lack of sleep can lead to selfish behavior.

According to a study published in the journal PLoS Biology, sleep deprivation affects human empathy and willingness to help others.
According to a study conducted in California, researchers say that even just one hour of sleep.

deprivation affects people’s behavior towards helping someone.

Researcher Ben Simon has stated that when a person loses just one hour of sleep, there is a clear difference in the human nature of kindness and the desire to help others.
Researchers analyzed three different studies to demonstrate that sleep deprivation affects prosocial behavior.

Researchers have also observed that both the quantity and quality of sleep influence a person’s emotional and social behavior.

Ben-Simon also says that lack of sleep is also linked to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and physical ailments such as obesity.

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