Car smoke more harmful to women than men, research

Car smoke more harmful to women than men, research

Car smoke can affect women’s health more than men’s.

petrol or diesel, the level of proteins in the body that are related to heart diseases is high.

The research was conducted on 3 different occasions in a month using 3 different amounts of diesel smoke.
The researchers observed changes in blood components linked to inflammation, infection and heart disease in both.

men and women exposed to diesel fumes, but women had higher levels of proteins that stiffen arteries.

Although more research is needed to confirm this, experts say the risk of heart attack or stroke increases in such situations.
Study co-author Nilofar Mukherjee, a professor at the University of Manitoba, says that these are preliminary findings.

that suggest that diesel fumes have different effects on women.
The results of this research were presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Barcelona.

For this new study, 10 people were selected who were not smokers, 5 women and 5 men.

During this study, all of these subjects were asked to breathe in smoke continuously for 4 hours at a time, but before spending time in the smoke they spent 4 hours in clean air.

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