Why this photo of traffic jam is going viral?

Why this photo of traffic jam is going viral?

This viral photo of vehicles stuck in a traffic jam for 8 hours is not from a busy highway of a big city in Pakistan.

but from the American city of Nevada. According to foreign media, a picture of the American city of Nevada is going viral on social media.

in which long queues of vehicles stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic jam can be seen in 15 lenses.
These passengers are returning to their homes after participating in the annual music and culture festival ‘Burning Man.

which has been going on for the past nine days. The annual festival was held after a gap of three years due to the relaxation of the restrictions due to the global.

epidemic of Covid-19 and was attended by a large number of fans.

Burning Man’s management tweeted on micro-blogging site Twitter that they faced 8-hour delays as a large number of passengers.

headed to Black Rock Desert at the same time at the end of the annual festival.
The administration added in a tweet that passengers may have to wait for longer.

According to reports, around 80,000 spectators participated in the 9-day long festival.
It should be noted that thousands of people from all over the world travel to New York to participate in the Burning.

Man Festival, during the festival participants dress up in strange costumes and party for a week.

The festival culminates with the burning of an effigy.

hence the tradition of the festival being called Burning Man since 1989.

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