College Dorm Party Guide – Tips From a Recent Graduate

College Dorm Party Guide – Tips From a Recent Graduate

A recent college graduate, it would be a lie if claimed that my most memorable experiences in college weren’t spent in parties. Dorm parties in college can be somewhat difficult because there’s a ton of rules. However, believe me when I say that there’s an option to have a have a great time inside your room.

College is a time to learn and gain knowledge and enjoy yourself. For the majority of college students, college can be can be extremely stressful, and so having a College dorm party is a great opportunity to relax, meet new people, and enjoy yourself.

Is it Possible to Have a Dorm Party in College?

In the college setting, having an in-room party may be illegal, however dorm parties continue to happen. Hosting the neighbors, monitoring the level of noise and having a professional resident assistant can prevent the event from being banned. Most dorm rooms are tiny, which is why restricting the number of guests you invite is advised.

In this article I go through the four stages of organizing a dorm celebration in college.

How to Throw a Dorm Party in College

In order to make this easy and understandable I will breakdown the four phases of throwing a party in a dorm in college. There are many aspects and considerations when planning the dorm party of college.

There’s always the chance of having your College dorm party shut down and having consequences. The four phases can stop your party from being shut down however there is no way to ensure that your dorm’s party won’t go over the top.

In that regard below are the steps for throwing the perfect dorm party at college:

Phase 1 – Setting Up Your Dorm Party

  1. You must get permission from your resident Assistant

If you’re in a dorm room, it’s crucial to always courteous and respectful when you interact with the RA. When it comes to hosting an event in the dorms having an RA who isn’t averse to the situation can be very helpful.

Notifying your resident assistant you’re hosting an event in the dorms will stop it from being closed. If your RA is a good friend and is nice generally, hosting a dorm-themed party shouldn’t be a problem.

If your RA doesn’t permit College dorm party or says no to hosting one, it’s better to organize a small gathering or avoid having an event all together.

The most you would like to avoid to do is get exiled from your dorm room for throwing the perfect party!

  1. Notify the Neighbours

An excellent way to ensure your dorm-party shut down is not to inform your neighbors ahead of time. If it’s only one night, the neighbors will not care even if the party gets a bit noisy, especially when they’re informed beforehand.

If you’re interested in getting to know your neighbors you can invite them to your dorm-party. Being able to have a few neighbors you can spend time with will always be a fun time.

Phase 2 – Dorm Party Preparation

After the set-up is complete and the party is set, it’s time to start preparing for the dorm’s night party.

  1. Invite Friends

If you’re planning the dorms party, you’ll be able to invite your buddies. They’re the ones who are will make your party enjoyable, so you should invite people who love to have fun. The inclusion of both male and female guests is equally important.

If you are inviting guests, remember the fact that you do not want your guests to get out of control. It’s crucial to invite guests who are respectful and will not cause damage to the dorm room.

  1. Get Drinks

One of the main reasons for organizing a dorm-themed party is the drinking. If you’re a minor it is advised not to drink, as you could get into legal trouble. In this situation it’s best to stick with mock-tails.

If you’re legally able to drink drinking, then a couple of beers or seltzers along with a few bottles are the ideal recipe for the perfect dorm night party. Seltzers and beer are excellent to play drinking games. Bottles of alcohol are ideal to mix drinks and shots.

In general, when having an dorm-themed party is commonplace that guests bring drinks.

  1. Secure all valuables and everything that is liable to break.

Students who are drunk and drinking can cause things to break or even being taken. When you host a dorm-party make sure that you keep your valuables off the the venue in case things go out of control.

If you own any delicate objects or things you don’t want to be damaged you should put them in a safe place. It’s not only a hassle when something is broken or gets damaged, but it’s also a pain to take care of.

  1. Have a Beer Pong Table

If you’re planning an dorm-themed party it is essential to include a table for beer pong. Beer pong is a great game to play during parties and it’s an excellent drinking game which will keep everyone entertained.

It’s simple to set up and is even more fun to play. If you’re looking for a fun drinking game to play at your dorm gathering Beer pong is the perfect game to play!

Phase 3- Party Time

After the set-up is complete now is the time to talk about the gathering.

  1. Don’t Get too Loud

It is important to limit the volume of the party. Even if your neighbors and RA know you’re hosting the party, it’s vital to ensure that the event does not get too loud.

If you’re planning to play music at your dorm, bear in mind that people will be talking about the music, resulting in greater sound. Keep the volume at a moderate degree and have a great time.

  1. Drink Responsibly

While I understand that drinking is a great way to relax however, it’s crucial to drink in a responsible manner. If you find that one of your guests drinks excessively, it’s best to stop them from drinking to prevent anything to happen.

After one or two drinks, it’s quite easy to forget how many drinks you’ve consumed. Be aware and avoid drinking too much since you’re still accountable for the event.

The most important thing you don’t want to happen to happen at your celebration is that either you or one of your guests gets sick and vomits or something worse.

  1. Keep the Party Under Control

If university students are drinking, they could become loud, reckless and even violent. It’s crucial to keep the celebration under control to prevent undesirable events from occurring.

If you and your friends respect each other and keep the college dorm party in check is not a major issue and it should be a wonderful party.

Don’t invite people you do not already know. Although it’s enjoyable to throw an amazing celebration, guests that you don’t know are much more likely to create problems.

Phase 4 – The Aftermath of the Dorm Party

As the party comes towards an end, its vital to look after certain items.

  1. Make Sure Everyone Has a Way Home

If you know people who have been drinking and do not live on campus, make sure they have a to get home. It is important to ensure that they don’t travel and that everyone makes it safely home.

Ubers taxis, taxis and other lifts which are pre-arranged is a great way to be prepared.

  1. Cleanup

The fun part begins now… cleaning up the cleaning!

If there was no spit-up and no one broke anything, the cleaning up should be simple. Simply throw the cups, beer cans and bottles in a trash can and then dispose of it.

If you keep empty cans of beer in the dorm room, they’ll begin to smell. The earlier you take care of the cleaning up, the more efficient. You’re likely to have a few good family members, and they’ll certainly be glad to help.

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