Vehicle prices likely to rise again

Vehicle prices likely to rise again

Rachi (Monitoring Desk) In the automobile industry, the echoes of the increase.

in the prices of vehicles are being heard once again.

According to the news website “ProPakistani”, the last time the prices of vehicles were increased in July this year.

when the price of the dollar rose to 240 rupees. The value of the rupee is once again depreciating rapidly.

due to which the prices of vehicles are expected to increase again.
So far, Hyundai and Chery have already increased the prices of their cars and the rest of the companies are going to follow suit. The value of the dollar has once again increased and reached around 240.

Economic analyst Arslan Asif Soomro says that the last time the value of the dollar reached this level was on July 28.

and the prices of cars were increased. Now that the dollar has reached the same level again.

car prices will at least go back to the same level, and if the dollar rises further, cars will become more expensive.

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