Reasons to Choose Angular for Web Development Instead of HTML

Reasons to Choose Angular for Web Development Instead of HTML

Businesses want to go digital to increase their visibility and growth. However, there is intense competition among online sites when it comes to capturing web traffic. With such extreme competition, dynamic and user-friendly web applications are essential for business success. Angular is a highly recommended frontend framework that provides components that help people write simple, readable, and maintainable code. Using Angular for web development, programmers can convert static HTML files into dynamic content. With its MVC architecture and robust functionality, AngularJS has become a popular choice for web applications, specifically single-page applications.

Angular for Web Development Instead of HTML is a guide that provides business owners, developers, and website publishers with an easy way to understand the basics of Angular and how it can help them in their development projects.

What is Angular Web Development?

AngularJS is a tool for building the next generation of web applications. It’s built by Google and managed by a community of developers and corporations to make building apps easy, fast, and fun. It’s easy to use, speeds up the development process, and conforms to the latest JavaScript standards. Since its arrival, it has been constantly improving to keep up with new technologies and consumer expectations. As a result, it is used by almost every major organization, including Microsoft, Udemy, Google, PayPal, Nike, Adobe, Apple, YouTube, etc. It has become a sophisticated framework for building responsive, modular web and mobile applications.

A recent Stack Overflow survey found that around 23% of software engineers use the AngularJS web development framework.

Here’s a quick look at some of Angular’s features:

  • Deliver app-like experiences using the features of modern web platforms: zero-step installation, offline functionality, and high performance.
  • It uses techniques from Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript to create native mobile applications.
  • With Angular, you get the benefits of writing code with the efficiency of a framework when using templates to generate optimized code for JavaScript virtual machines.
  • Take advantage of the flexible and powerful template syntax to quickly develop user interface views.
  • You can quickly build, add components and tests, and deploy instantly using command-line tools.
  • With Angular’s user-friendly API, you can easily create high-performance, sophisticated choreography and animation timelines with minimal coding.
  • Every time you save, Unit Test Karma will let you know if you broke anything.

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Reasons to choose Angular for web development

We have to choose wisely from the various companies that provide Angular web development services as there are many of them. The main factors for using AngularJS for web development include:

Structured MVC architecture

Angular has an excellent structure that makes working with it straightforward. It was developed to make it easier for you to use the MVC architecture for web applications. It separates the model from the view and supports all types of data bindings. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for large-scale projects. The MVC framework is well known because it separates many components of an application, making testing and development much easier.

Synchronization with two-way data binding

The Angular framework supports two-way data binding compared to other frameworks that only allow one-way data binding. When the data in the model changes, it automatically updates the view and vice versa. Therefore, these two components are updated immediately and in real-time whenever the data changes or changes. If not, developers would have to make these changes manually, which could take more time and work. With this feature, Angular handles the state of all variables for you, simplifying development and testing.


Angular is SEO-friendly and essential for your website’s ranking in search results. It is an excellent choice for companies trying to increase the ranking of their website in Google and other well-known search engines. Angular’s integrated SEO tools make it easy to increase your website’s online visibility.

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Code consistency and reuse

The cornerstone of a successful development platform is code consistency. The documentation style guide and Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) support consistency at a pioneering level. With the Angular CLI, developers can create new projects, run tests, and integrate different features into a single task while informing the rest of the team. Because Angular enables code reuse and streamlines the development process, the investment in time and effort is relatively minimal. Additionally, it is productive for a development team working on related projects in parallel, as it allows developers to integrate more features with shorter codes.

Fast development and faster loading

Angular was built with performance in mind. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic websites because it is fast and efficient. Angular is the perfect choice for applications where development speed is key due to its two-way data binding and efficient MVC. It simplifies the coding process and is fast, easy to use, and easy to understand. Since you can do this faster with Angular, it makes sense if you’re working on deadlines or need to get your website up and running immediately.

Use of guidelines and templates

These are the most important aspects of Angular. You can develop your web pages and applications faster and with less code using directives equivalent to HTML extensions. In addition, Angular includes templates that make it easy to create web applications. Finally, the framework already has the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS precompiled for you. Since the resources are already compiled together, Angular is an incredible choice if you’re looking for a simple approach to handle them all in one place.

It creates your application structure and is supported by Google

Your web application will have structure and be well-organized thanks to Angular. It helps you work on the project and makes it easier for you to maintain it in the future. In addition, the Angular framework makes it easier to work on larger projects and maintain them.

In addition, Angular is supported by Google, and Google’s experienced team of developers provides long-term support (LTS) to accelerate the development of Angular enterprise applications. As a result, you can quickly get online help to create a successful website if you get stuck during the Angular website development process.

Increased flexibility

Angular is a good solution for complex applications due to its increased flexibility. Although HTML and JavaScript are well-known programming languages, Angular effectively combines them to create single-page applications that you can update without refreshing the web page. This is convenient because the changes are automatically updated on the page; you won’t have to worry about reloading your browser every time you make a code change.

Default Ivy renderer and built-in CLI

Faster loading of components and significantly optimized bundle sizes are two features of the new Angular Engine. As a result, enterprises can get unmatched code debugging and user-friendly applications with Ivy renderer. In addition, it increases the availability of the framework and instantiates it by reducing the file size, making it a feature-rich platform for application development.

Angular includes a built-in command-line interface that makes it easy to build new applications. This is useful because it makes it easy to start using Angular without going through the setup process. You can complete your project in minutes by running the “ng new” command. Speeds up development and improves code quality.

Enterprise-level testing and client-side solutions

Angular is an excellent alternative for large, high-performance projects because it has enterprise-grade testing. Moreover, it is fully utilized if you need to create unit or integration tests for your project.

Angular is also an excellent choice for building web applications because it is a client-side solution. This means that all the code runs on the client’s computer, not the server. For this reason, using Angular is a wise move if you require more control over the functionality of your project.


Angular is the best choice if you are looking for a web development framework that will enable your business to create more efficient web applications. The Angular for Web Development process makes it easy for you to quickly build your web application. At Innoraft, we provide Angular web development services, from design to single-page application development to cross-platform application development. To build flexible and scalable web and mobile applications, contact us and engage an Angular web developer.

At Innoraft, our mission is to help you succeed online by offering professional website design and web development services that are user-friendly and tailored to your company’s requirements. Our team of creative web experts will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll build the framework to grow your company from concept to creation.


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