How Can You Increase Your Popularity On the Facebook Platform?

How Can You Increase Your Popularity On the Facebook Platform?

Don’t you want to get more likes, shares and retweets to become the most popular person on Facebook platform? The answer is simple: use our list of the ten best tips that will help increase your popularity. Whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary man, everyone wants to be popular on Facebook!

How to become popular on Facebook?

1.      Start with a few posts

If you have a page, start with just three posts to look more genuine. After a not-too-long time, your page will get famous, and you can create more and more posts. If your account is manageable, don’t post anything unnecessary or self-advertising. Create really interesting posts to increase the number of likes and shares – funny pictures, quotes or videos are perfect for this purpose.

2.      Share quality content with links to your website/blog

The best way for an ordinary man to increase his popularity on Facebook is by sharing original articles from his website or blog. These articles should include open links that direct visitors from Facebook to your site when they click on them. If you want to increase followers for reading your blogs, you can buy Facebook Followers.

3.      Post useful information

If you want to be popular, post only useful and interesting things on your Facebook profile. People are interested in the things that matter and make their lives better. Don’t post just any updates:

4.      Share trending articles from Reddit

Reddit is the best source of trending news, viral videos and pictures, funny jokes and much more – use it to increase your popularity on Facebook. Reddit has millions of users, and you can share both funny pictures and serious information from this huge website. After doing it, you’ll get thousands of likes for free!

5.      Reply to comments on your posts

Remember to reply to comments after posting something interesting on your Facebook profile or page. The most popular users spend hours on their Facebook profiles, and they reply to millions of comments. Reply to the most interesting comments, and your page will be more popular.

6.      Comment on other people’s posts

Don’t leave your valuable comment right after you’ve finished reading a post – you’ll increase your popularity on Facebook if you add useful feedback to the existing comments and leave it open for others to read. People who like this kind of interaction can also become a fan of your page!

7.      Look for interesting topics

If you have a blog or website, think about more interesting topics to be posted on your Facebook account. You can link your articles and pages to Facebook posts, and when people like them, they’ll follow the link back to your website, where they’ll see a lot of other useful stuff. That’s the best way to increase the number of fans and likes on your page.

8.      Find friends with similar interests

It’s easier to stay popular on Facebook if you have enough friends with similar interests. Find more people who like your content and invite them to like your page. That’s a great way to build a huge audience for your posts.

9.      Share valuable life stories

Do you want to know the best way to increase your popularity on Facebook? Share some of your own life stories on your Facebook profile or page. The best thing about this rule is that you can be sure that your fans will read them and they won’t ever forget you!

10.  Post updates regularly

If you want to increase the number of likes received, post updates regularly – whether it’s a blog, website or Facebook page update. Post new content and give your fans or subscribers something interesting and valuable daily. If you want to be the most popular person on Facebook, try this list of simple tips!

Points To Consider While Posting On Facebook for Business

Every business owner should take care of their Facebook page as it is the best way to reach out to potential customers. Before you share anything on Facebook, you must be aware of some points to consider while posting on Facebook for business.

1.      Stay active

Only update your page once a week or once a month, and stay away from it for the rest of the time. People are getting bored with the same content, so they also tend to get bored with your page. Whenever there is new information or a story surrounding your industry, you must share it on Facebook and update your page accordingly as well.

2.      Be careful while posting

You should be careful while posting; if you are not aware of the FB Terms and Conditions, you can be fined. Make sure you are not using third-party services or applications like PayPal to share your content because this might result in some consequences.

3.      Be unique

Post unique content on Facebook that no other pages in your industry share, but if you are posting too much on your page. It will be a waste of time for people to visit and need return to check for new updates.

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