How to Get Unblocked on Tinder?

How to Get Unblocked on Tinder?

As a frequent Tinder user, I know it can be very irritating if you are block on the application. You will find yourself unable to use the application, connect to other people on the application or even view other people. and in this case, there are many people who want to look for other methods that will help them in unblocking their accounts on the application. It is not very simple and uncomplicated to unblock your account on the application but, we are still going to try and tell you how to get around the tinder ban in 2022

Why are you Banned on Tinder?

A tinder ban is a complete shutdown of your Tinder account on the application and there can be many reasons for the same. Here, we are going to tell you some of the major reasons why your account is ban by Tinder. 

  • The main reason why Tinder has banned your account is that you are sending inappropriate and explicit messages to other people on the application. 
  • Another very major reason why Tinder may have banned your account is if you have created multiple fake accounts to boost your original profile. 
  • You should also not spam other users with unlimited messages and pictures as this can be a reason why your account has been ban. 
  • If you are using a different name on the application or impersonating someone else then, your account can be ban. 

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What Happens to your Tinder Premium if you Ban?

There are many people who often wonder about the status of their premium after tinder ip ban. If you are also wondering the same then, let me tell you that Tinder automatically cancels your Premium if your account has been ban. You will not get a refund of the money nor will you be able to use the benefits of the premium on the application. 

How can you Recover your Account and Unblock it?

There are not a lot of options that you can try to unblock your account if Tinder has blocked it. The simplest method that you can try when you want to unblock your account is to appeal to Tinder. 

  • Appeal to Tinder

You can easily appeal tinder ban if your account has been banned and there are certain things that you need to know when you wish to appeal the ban. You need to open the Tinder Support page to report the ban and then, appeal to Tinder that you will not repeat the mistakes in future. You should be extra nice to Tinder in the appeal as your account’s fate depends on them. 

  • Create a new account

However, if the appeal is not working for you then, you have no other choice but to hard reset the application and create a new account for yourself. You need to delete the old account and then, create a new Tinder account with a new email address and phone number. You also need to remember that you should use new pictures and create a completely new profile for yourself.

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