The Future Of Bedroom Furnishings

The Future Of Bedroom Furnishings

The future of bedroom furnishings seems to be in the past. That’s correct. The trend or rather the need for natural materials is back and most people have embraced it already. Natural materials are a sustainable choice and a much better option for those who have sensitive skin. Here are some tips on furnishing your bedroom.

Bedsheets And Undersheet Or Duvet cover

There are certain components of furnishings that come in contact with your skin more than others and can make an impact. For example, you spend a lot of time in your bed and the bed sheet should be made of breathable material that does not allow the temperature to affect the temperature of the fabric itself. The same goes with the under sheet and if are not the traditional kind of decorator, then you can choose to skip it. The duvet cover should be thick enough to protect the duvet and yet soft enough to ensure you are comfortable. The most preferred and good material for these items is cotton. A cotton fabric of high thread count is a great option for furnishing.

Throws, Bedspreads, And Runners

The throws and runners can be made from anything starting from cotton. They can be knitted, embroidered, or woven. Throws and runners are mostly to add colour and texture to the room. Runners on the bed can be used as a cover during the daytime. At the same time, throws can be used on chairs or the footstool to make the place seem cozier. Bedspreads can be used during the day to rest on the bed or to maintain the crisp and welcoming look of the bed throughout the day. A lovely way to give a touch of luxury to your room is to use some silk fabrics on bedspreads or as runners.

Comforters And Curtains

These items do not directly come in contact with your body but definitely affect the overall ambiance of the room. The curtains ensure there is a complete blackout during the day and the room is cozy even when you wish to take a nap. Sheer curtains give you privacy without blocking any natural light and the comforter ensures you are always cozy and warm in the bed. Comforters with a decent tog (measurement of how warm a blanket or comforter is) are essential, especially for places that experience unforgiving cold temperatures.

Rugs And Cushion Covers

These are the places where jute can be used generously as they do come in contact with you but, it is limited and definitely not enough for your skin to get irritated. Jute adds texture and depth to the room. It works great when overlapped with other natural materials. Cushions placed on reading chairs or throw pillows on the bed are both great at creating an impact with jute. As for rugs, you can add a large size rug on the floor and you can see the magic it does to the room. The quintessential and neutral colour of jute makes it possible for it to be fitted in any room and with any kind of colour scheme.

Headboard And Wall Panels

The headboard is an underused yet powerful ally of a decorator. It has the power to influence the layout of the room. It can divide the room and be the point of symmetry or it can bring the room together and maintain the flow of the room. The headboard can be the accent element you need in a room. It can be blue or purple in a room full of beige and tans.

The future of bedroom furnishing is limitless, just like your imagination.

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