The Magic of Thunivu Movie

The Magic of Thunivu Movie

Thunivu is a magical film from director Rasu Mathair that continues to captivate audiences though its wondrous story, incredible visuals, and memorable characters. Released in 2020, this movie follows the journey of a family working to unlock the secrets of the legendary Thunivu tree. Through its heartwarming characters and immersive fantasy adventure, Thunivu offers a unique cinematic experience unlike any other.

Overview of Thunivu Movie

Thunivu is an Indian-Bhutanese-Nepalese adventure fantasy film directed by Rasu Mathair and released in 2020. It stars Jayasurya, Ananya Shukla, Kyrylo Cipriyani, and Robin Hill in the lead roles. The movie focuses on the journey of the family of protagonist Tuhana as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the legendary Thunivu tree. With its unique blend of Eastern and Western elements, Thunivu is an immersive cinematic experience that marks a new era of family-friendly fantasy films from India.

Major Characters

The protagonist of Thunivu is Tuhana, a young man from India whose quest for knowledge about the Thunivu tree brings him on an amazing adventure. Accompanying him on this journey is his family, a motley crew of characters each with their own unique motivations and goals. Other major characters include Ohan, the young prince of the Panar Kingdom; Shijkor, a mysterious figure from Tuhana’s past; and Rahmi, a magical creature with the power to unlock the secrets of Thunivu.


Thunivu follows Tuhana and his family on their journey to unlock the secrets of the legendary Thunivu tree. Along the way, they must battle the forces of an evil sorcerer, while also attempting to unravel the mysterious past of their ancestor.

With the help of their ever-growing group of friends and allies, they eventually manage to reach the Thunivu tree and discover its true power.


The visuals in Thunivu are simply breathtaking. Director Rasu Mathair has created a stunningly beautiful world filled with vivid colors and imaginative sets. From the majestic Thunivu tree to the action-packed battle scenes, the visuals of this film are remarkable and transport viewers to a magical place.


Since its release, Thunivu has become a critical and commercial success. Not only does it continue to draw in new viewers, the movie has helped to create a new generation of fans for the fantasy genre. Moreover, the film has had a positive impact on the way family-friendly films are seen and has inspired many filmmakers to create new stories, characters, and visuals. All in all, Thunivu is a magical film that continues to enchant and captivate audiences around the world.


Thunivu is a fantastic movie that is sure to leave you feeling uplifted. Its heart-warming messages and captivating visuals transport viewers to an exciting imaginary world. It also teaches valuable lessons about friendship, resilience, and following one’s own truth.

Altogether, Thunivu is a beautiful movie that offers an unforgettable experience and is a must-see for anyone looking for an entertaining and meaningful movie.

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