A Review of the Driver Jamuna Movie

A Review of the Driver Jamuna Movie

Driver Jamuna is an Indian Malayalam language action-adventure film directed by Johny Antony and written by Benny P. Nayarambalam. It stars Jayaram, Bhavana and Laya in the lead roles. The movie released on 3 April 2020 and was a success at the box-office. It follows the story of an automobile driver and his loved ones who are forced to flee during a gang war in their village. This review will look at the plot, characters, and themes of the movie in detail.


Driver Jamuna follows the story of an auto-rickshaw driver named Jamuna (Jayaram) who lives with his family in a small village. His beloved daughter, Nandhini (Bhavana), is in love with a local ruffian, Kanja (Laya). When a gang war erupts in the village, Jamuna is forced to flee with his daughter. He must protect her from the violence, while at the same time keeping her safe from Kanja who is trying to pursue her.

Jamuna and Nandhini find refuge in another village where Jamuna takes up a job of a driver for a family. Here, he meets an aggressive and fearless woman named Anuradha (Charmila). Anuradha is the leader of her village and vows to protect her people from the gangsters. Jamuna is initially hesitant about confronting the gangsters, but is eventually convinced by Anuradha to fight for justice.

Meanwhile, Kanja and his gang are in search of Jamuna and Nandhini. Kanja grows increasingly desperate and dangerous as the pursuit continues. He eventually manages to track them down, leading to a thrilling climax that leaves everyone in suspense.


The protagonist of the movie is Jamuna, an auto-rickshaw driver from a small village. He is a gentle and devoted father, who is willing to sacrifice everything for his daughter’s safety. Jamuna is portrayed as an honest and hardworking person, who does not believe in violence but is forced to confront it in order to protect his family.

Kanja is a local ruffian who is madly in love with Nandhini and is willing to go to any lengths to win her love. He is depicted as a ruthless and violent man, willing to use any means necessary to obtain what he wants.

Anuradha is a brave and fearless woman who is the leader of her village. She is determined to protect her village from the gangsters and is willing to risk her life in order to do it.


The main theme of Driver Jamuna is family values. The movie emphasizes the importance of protecting and standing up for one’s family, no matter the cost. Jamuna is willing to go to any lengths to protect his daughter, even if it means confronting violence. The movie also highlights themes of justice and loyalty, as Jamuna and Anuradha fight for the safety of their loved ones.


Driver Jamuna is an engaging journey of a brave auto-rickshaw driver who must confront violence in order to protect his family. The movie emphasizes the importance of family values and loyalty, as Jamuna and Anuradha risk their lives for their loved ones. Driver Jamuna is an exciting story from start to finish, as it brings together a mix of action, romance and drama.

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