Apibased $105M Series Coatue’s $1.75B TechCrunch

Apibased $105M Series Coatue’s $1.75B TechCrunch

Coatue is an investment company that focuses mainly on technology investments, and has recently completed a $1.75 billion ‘Series’ on Apibased. It is amazing to think that the company managed to generate over $105 million with just one series on the platform, and this article will explore the direction taken by Coatue to ensure such a great financial outcome.

It will look at the research and preparation carried out by Coatue for the series, the investments made, and the overall success of it and how it impacted the company. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the process and hopefully provide some insight into the success of the series.

Overview of Coatue and the $1.75B Series

Apibased $105M Series Coatue’s $1.75B TechCrunch is a technology-focused venture capital firm. The company has been operating since 2001 and is traditionally focused on investing in various tech companies across various stages of development. In 2019, Coatue invested $1.75 billion in Apibased, a technology platform offering API-as-a-Service solutions. This was part of the company’s series on Apibased, with the final outcome amounting to over $105M.

Research and Preparation of the Series

Before investing any capital, Coatue’s research team worked diligently to analyze the performance, scalability, and prospective direction of the platform. The research team carried out an extensive investigation of the company’s offerings and the platform’s potential in the industry.

After comprehensive research and analysis, Coatue determined that the platform demonstrated immense potential, and the company decided to invest in the series.

Investments Made by Coatue

With the $1.75B, Coatue made various investments throughout the series. These included certain strategic decisions such as investing in early-stage companies in the API space, as well as investing in later-stage companies who could offer growth capital.

Additionally, the company also focused heavily on investing in the API developer community, by backing various existing initiatives and partnering with new API developers to further grow the API ecosystem.

Success of the $105M Series

Consequently, Coatue’s series on Apibased was an immense success for the company, generating over $105 million in returns. Chief among this was the tremendous growth of Apibased as a platform, with metrics such as revenue and user base increasing substantially throughout the series. This was a testament to the tremendous research and preparation carried out by Coatue prior to the investments.


Apibased $105M Series Coatue’s $1.75B TechCrunch was a tremendous success for the company in terms of both financial and platform growth. The tremendous success of the series is a testament to the prior research and preparation done by Coatue prior to the investments, as well as the strategic investments made throughout the series. By demonstrating its keen eye for innovation and success, Coatue has quickly made its mark on the technology investment scene.

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