Sourcegraph $125 Million in Series 2.6B Funding

Sourcegraph $125 Million in Series 2.6B Funding

Sourcegraph, a popular code search and acceleration tool, has recently completed a successful $125 million Series 2.6B funding round, in order to further bolster their position as one of the leaders in the code-search and development space. Investors in this funding round included mainstay tech giants such as Sequoia Capital, the company that led the initial series A investment back in 2018. This new round of funding brings Sourcegraph’s total of external capital secured to date to $182 million.

Overview of Sourcegraph

sourcegraph 125m series 2.6b is a code and development search platform whose mission is to “connect developers and their code, anywhere.” The tool simplifies and accelerates code search, making it easier for developers to find the code they need and use that code to quickly start developing.

As of now, Sourcegraph has over 4,000 customers and is used by developers in over 3,000 enterprises around the world. Additionally, Sourcegraph is compatible with over 800 programming languages, making it one of the most versatile coding platforms in the industry.

Recent Achievements and Milestones for Sourcegraph

In the past few months, Sourcegraph has made great strides within the development space. In October, Sourcegraph launched its enterprise-grade platform for distributive code search, GitOps, and collaboration.

This new platform provides users with a centralized hub for code search, version control, and project collaboration. Additionally, Sourcegraph has seen tremendous growth in their customer base, with some big name brands signing up to use their platform in the past year. A few of these customers include Shopify, Atlassian, and Hashedin, which all contribute to Sourcegraph’s already impressive list of partners.

Sourcegraph Funding Details

The $125 million Series 2.6B funding round was led by existing investors Sequoia Capital and Combinator. This is Sequoia’s second major investment in Sourcegraph, as they also led the company’s Series A which closed in 2018.

Sequoia is joined in this investment by new investors such as OpenView and Crosslink Capital, as well as existing investors Wing Venture Capital, IVP, and designer Cameron Hughes. Altogether, with this new round of funding, sourcegraph 125m series 2.6b has raised $182 million in external capital to date.

Future Goals

sourcegraph 125m series 2.6b CEO Quinn Slack believes that this new round of funding will help Sourcegraph achieve its ambitious roadmap for 2021. Specifically, Sourcegraph plans to use this new capital to grow their team, bolster their existing products, and expand into newer markets.

Additionally, Quinn has indicated that they are more focused than ever in developing strategic partnerships with other companies to power their Suite of Developer Expertise.


The new $125 million Series 2.6B funding round catalyzed by Sourcegraph is a clear sign of the platform’s ambition to cement its position as a powerhouse in software development.

This new capital combined with the recent achievements Sourcegraph has made in the past year, is sure to position the company to become an even bigger player in the development space.

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