How AR and VR Apps Turn out to be the Game Changers

How AR and VR Apps Turn out to be the Game Changers

Human beings kind of have an uncanny obsession with innovation. The century that we live in today, nearly every part of our personal and business lives are influenced by tech innovation. It all started with the invention of wheels, automobiles, TV, switching from ordinary to Spectrum home internet and then came smartphones. Today, we can have on-demand access to almost any product or service we like.

The barriers that had often kept businesses from reaching their potential are being removed all thanks to the rise of AR and VR. They have played a huge role in reducing cost and improving accessibility. No doubt this might be the best time for a mechanical business to test the waters.

Let’s observe how AR and VR apps are proving to be the game changers…

Fast Adoption

In the mechanical sector, VR and AR are designed to offer a leg up to contractors. A firm named ScopeAR has developed an AR technology that can be used in the mechanical industry. Its primary clients are aerospace and manufacturing industry. Although it’s thriving, they have created remote AR that has the ability to connect remote contractors and help them troubleshoot HVAC equipment using a digital app. The app encircles the red wire using a line in 3D space. The expert can see that circle in real-time. This makes it easier for the person to communicate his knowledge with the technician and both can fix the problem from there.

Full Sensory Immersion

Technology is here to improve our lives, right? No matter what kind of technology it is, its goal is to make our lives easier. One such revolution is the Internet. You can now have access to a world of information with a device in your hands. But when it comes to Virtual Reality, it is set to do far more than that.

Full sensory immersion is something that would set VR apart from other technologies. Can you imagine taking a test drive to your favorite car without having to go to the dealership? How about trying new clothes without leaving your house?

Just the thought of this is enough to send us into a world of imagination. Virtual Reality soon will simulate sense with haptic feedback. We will be able to touch, smell, and taste without leaving our place. When that happens, everything is going to change.

Learning Complex Things

You learn more efficiently when you don’t just get to read and hear about it, but listen to it and actually perform that task. Virtual Reality will make that possible. It will help us learn complex things in an easy way.

Learning how to parachute from a commercial airplane, rebuilding an engine, learning how to fly an aircraft, all of that will become simple. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually fly to the place which you are studying in your geography class?

The tectonic shift which is about to occur because of Virtual Reality is certainly going to amaze us. You could even alleviate your fear of public speaking by talking to a virtual audience. The applications are just endless.

Small Business Marketing

When it comes to retail business, mobile apps are going to be the main entry point for AR not headsets. Nowadays, it is extremely important for a business to get its brand app installed on consumers’ smartphone. It gives you the opportunity to be in front of them daily. Furthermore, you can gather their attention by sending push-notifications or reminders. With AR, you are giving them one more reason to install your app. AR is offering business owners a new way of marketing their business. They can stand out by using TV commercials instead of boring static images. A good example of that is delivered by Yelp. For brick and mortar businesses that want to be featured at Yelp Monocle, it’s offering ad space. Through its app, users can see businesses around them and read reviews by just holding their mobile devices.

By 2020, the AR market has the potential to grow from nothing to $90 billion. In the coming years, customers will become fully accustomed to AR and VR capabilities. The new generation that will be born into the world will use these apps as a part of their daily routine. They might not even need Internet support anymore because by then, technology will become a way of life.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have created a landscape for entertainment and play no doubt. Now they are invading our digital devices and pretty soon our real world. Perhaps a little bit of AR/VR can do wonders for already popular apps like Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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