The Family of Charles Barkley: An Insight into the Wife and Kids of the Basketball Star

Charles Barkley is a beloved basketball player who has accumulated numerous fans throughout the world. Although his career on the court is well known, many may not be aware of the family life that he has created alongside his wife and children. This article will provide an insight into the wife and kids of Charles Barkley and the impact they have had on his successful career.

Early Life of Charles Barkley:

Charles Barkley was born on February 20th, 1963 in Leeds, Alabama. He was the fifth of ten children born to Frank and Charcey Glenn Barkley. Growing up, Charles was an avid sports fan and was passionate about the game of basketball. His talent for the game was noticed by his high school coach, and Charles was soon recruited to play for Auburn University. After college, he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1984 and began his professional career.

Wife Maureen Blumhardt:

Charles Barkley married Maureen Blumhardt on March 6th, 1989. Maureen is an attorney who worked for a firm in Philadelphia at the time of their marriage. Charles and Maureen are the proud parents of one daughter, Christiana Barkley, who was born in 1989. Maureen has been an integral part of Charles’ life since the beginning and has been a supportive wife throughout his career.

Children of Charles Barkley:

In addition to his daughter Christiana, Charles also has two sons, Craig and Michael. Craig was born in 1992, while Michael was born in 1996. They were both born in Philadelphia, and both have been avid basketball fans since they were young. Charles has been an active father in their lives, and has been supportive of them in their own basketball careers.


Charles Barkley is an esteemed basketball player who has achieved great success in his career. His wife Maureen Blumhardt and his three children, Christiana, Craig, and Michael, have been a supportive family throughout his career. This article provides an insight into the family life of Charles Barkley and the impact they have had on his successful career.

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