How to Make Drawing Using Colors, Papers, and Charts

How to Make Drawing Using Colors, Papers, and Charts

Drawing pictures or artwork has been an enjoyable activity for many individuals. Drawing can foster creativity and help to explore one’s talent. Traditional artwork is known to be done on papers with the aid of pens, colored pencils, or crayons. However, with the advent of technology, digital drawers have a wide array of options to explore and create their own artwork. In this article, we will learn how to make a drawing using colors, papers and charts. We will go through the basics of drawing and the different tools available to make a drawing with explanation of each tool.

Basics of Drawing:

Drawing is a form of art which involves the use of lines and/or shapes to form an image. Drawing can be used for both personal expression and for technical purposes such as creating diagrams or maps. It is an activity that is often used to learn and explore the concepts of shapes, form, perspective, and color. It is an activity that provides a way for a person to explore their thoughts and feelings. When starting out with drawing, it is important to practice the basics. Basic drawing helps to learn the fundamentals of how to create a picture from the simplest shapes. The most common example of basic drawing is simple perspective examples such as a cube and a sphere. These basic forms allow the artist to explore the use of line and shading to depict landscapes, figures, and objects in a more realistic way.

Types of Colors:

Colors are an important part of any drawing as they help to bring life to an image. Each drawing should feature a range of colors as this will help to create the illusion of depth and movement. There are a few different types of colors that an artist can use when drawing. The most basic colors are the primary colors: red, blue and yellow. These colors cannot be made by mixing any other colors and serve as an important starting point when beginning a work of art. Secondary colors are made from mixing two primary colors together and are purple, orange and green. Tertiary colors are made from mixing one primary color and one secondary color together. Tints, which are lighter shades of a color, and shades, which are darker shades of a color, are also used in art.

Different Types of Papers:

When creating a drawing, paper is an essential element as it provides the base for an artist’s work. There are several different types of paper that can be used for drawing. Watercolor paper is a great option for any type of drawing as it is thick, absorbent and can be used with a variety of mediums such as watercolors, inks and markers. Bristol paper is also a great choice as it is thick and has a smooth surface, making it perfect for technical drawings. Strathmore drawing paper is great for any type of drawing as it has a medium surface and is durable. Lastly, Canson drawing paper is great for any type of drawing as it is lightweight and strong.

Charts and Graphs:

Charts and graphs are also an important part of drawing. Charts and graphs are used to represent and visualize data and are an effective way to communicate information. Charts and graphs can be used in both digital and traditional drawings. When creating a chart for a digital drawing, programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Freehand can be used to create the necessary shapes and lines for a chart. For traditional drawings, the shapes and lines for a chart can be drawn by hand.


In conclusion, drawing is a great activity for everyone. Learning how to make a drawing using colors, papers, and charts is an important part of any artist’s journey. Color is used to bring life to an image; papers serve as the base of any image, and charts and graphs are used to visualize data. With practice and patience, anyone can learn to make a beautiful drawing.


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