Pro Kabaddi 2016 Point Table

Pro Kabaddi 2016 Point Table

Welcome to the world of Pro Kabaddi 2016, where the thrill and excitement of this ancient Indian sport is at its peak. With teams from all over India competing against each other, this season promises to be one of the most exciting yet. As an avid fan of Kabaddi, I am thrilled to bring you the latest updates on the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Point Table. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top-performing teams as well as those who are struggling to keep up. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into the world of Pro Kabaddi 2016!

As one of the most popular sports in India, Kabaddi has gained a massive following over the years. The Pro Kabaddi League was introduced in 2014 and has since become a major event in the country’s sporting calendar. With its fast-paced action and intense gameplay, it is no surprise that the league has captured the hearts of millions of fans across India. The Pro Kabaddi 2016 season was particularly exciting, with some of the best teams in the league battling it out for supremacy on the mat. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Pro Kabaddi 2016 point table and examine which teams emerged as top contenders and which ones struggled to keep up with their rivals.

Pro Kabaddi 2016 Point Table

The Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most popular sports leagues in India, attracting millions of viewers every year. The 2016 season was no exception, with some of the best teams and players competing for the title. The point table is a crucial aspect of any league, as it gives fans an idea of how their favorite team is performing.

The Pro Kabaddi 2016 point table was closely contested, with several teams vying for the top spot throughout the tournament. The league consisted of eight teams, each playing against each other twice in a round-robin format. The top four teams at the end of the league stage qualified for the playoffs, where they battled it out to reach the final.

The point table was updated after every match, giving fans an up-to-date picture of which team was leading and which team was struggling. It was interesting to see how some teams started strong but faltered towards the end, while others picked up momentum as the tournament progressed. Overall, the Pro Kabaddi 2016 point table was a great way to keep track of all the action and excitement that this thrilling sport has to offer.

The Top Teams of Pro Kabaddi 2016

As we delve deeper into the Pro Kabaddi 2016 season, it’s impossible not to notice the top teams that have been dominating the league. These teams have been putting on a show for fans and spectators alike with their impressive performances on the mat.

One of the top teams in this year’s Pro Kabaddi league is Patna Pirates. With a total of 52 points, they are currently leading the pack and have shown no signs of slowing down. Their star raider Pardeep Narwal has been instrumental in their success, scoring an impressive 131 points so far this season.

Another team that has been making waves in the league is Puneri Paltan. With 42 points to their name, they are currently sitting comfortably in second place. Their captain Manjeet Chhillar has been leading from the front and his all-round performances have helped them secure some crucial wins.

The third team that deserves a mention is Telugu Titans. Despite having played one game less than most other teams, they have managed to accumulate 40 points and are currently placed third in the table. Their star raider Rahul Chaudhari has been in fine form and has scored an incredible 111 points so far this season.

These top teams have set high standards for themselves and will be looking to continue their winning streaks as we head towards the business end of the tournament.

The Bottom Teams of Pro Kabaddi 2016

As much as we love to talk about the top teams of Pro Kabaddi 2016, it’s important to acknowledge the bottom teams as well. These teams may not have had the best season, but they still gave their all and put up a good fight.

One of the bottom teams of Pro Kabaddi 2016 was Dabang Delhi. Despite having some talented players on their roster, they struggled to find consistency throughout the season. They finished in 7th place in Zone A with just 31 points from 14 matches.

Another team that had a tough time in Pro Kabaddi 2016 was Bengal Warriors. They finished at the bottom of Zone B with just 21 points from 14 matches. However, they did have some standout performances from players like Jang Kun Lee and Nilesh Shinde.

While these teams may not have made it to the playoffs, they still played an important role in making Pro Kabaddi 2016 an exciting and competitive season. We look forward to seeing how they will improve and come back stronger in future seasons.


In conclusion, the Pro Kabaddi 2016 season has been an exciting and thrilling ride for fans of the sport. The point table has showcased some of the best teams in the league, with each team fighting hard to secure their spot in the playoffs. From the top-performing teams like Patna Pirates and Puneri Paltan to the struggling ones like Bengal Warriors and Dabang Delhi, every team has given their all on the mat. As we approach the end of this season, it will be interesting to see which teams make it to the playoffs and ultimately emerge as champions. Overall, Pro Kabaddi 2016 has been a great success and has further cemented kabaddi’s position as one of India’s most beloved sports.

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