Are There Squirrels in Hawaii?


Hawaii, with its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife, is known for its diverse ecosystem. While many are familiar with the exotic birds and marine life that inhabit the islands, one may wonder if there are squirrels in this tropical paradise. In this article, we will explore the intriguing question of whether squirrels exist in Hawaii and shed light on the surprising reality behind these furry creatures on the islands.

The Absence of Native Squirrels

Hawaii is distinct in its isolation, which has resulted in a limited number of native land mammals. Surprisingly, there are no squirrels native to the Hawaiian Islands. The islands’ geographical isolation prevented squirrels from reaching this remote destination naturally. Consequently, you won’t find the usual squirrel species that are common in many other parts of the world.

Introduced Species: The Indian Mongoose

While squirrels may be absent in their natural form, Hawaii has experienced the introduction of various non-native species over the centuries, some of which have significantly impacted the ecosystem. One such introduction is the Indian mongoose, brought to the islands in the late 1800s in an attempt to control the rat population in sugarcane fields. Unfortunately, this measure proved ineffective, and the mongoose became an invasive species, wreaking havoc on the local wildlife, including native bird eggs and small reptiles.

The Japanese White-Eye Bird Connection

Interestingly, the Japanese white-eye bird, also introduced to Hawaii, plays a role in the absence of squirrels. These small, greenish-yellow birds are known for their fondness for fruits and nectar. They have been observed acting as “pseudo-squirrels” in the absence of the real ones. These resourceful birds dart through the trees, searching for food and displaying similar foraging behaviors to squirrels. Their presence contributes to the illusion of squirrel-like activity in Hawaii.

The Chipmunk Controversy

Despite the lack of native squirrels, there have been sporadic reports of chipmunks being spotted in Hawaii. These sightings have led to some confusion, as chipmunks are closely related to squirrels. However, it is crucial to note that there is no established population of chipmunks in the islands. The occasional sightings are likely the result of escaped pets or stowaways on cargo ships. Due to Hawaii’s strict regulations on introducing non-native species, it is essential to prevent the accidental or intentional release of animals that could disrupt the delicate ecosystem.

Preserving Hawaii’s Unique Ecosystem

The absence of squirrels in Hawaii is a testament to the islands’ distinct ecological history. While the idea of seeing these cute creatures scampering among the palm trees may be charming, the preservation of Hawaii’s fragile ecosystem is of paramount importance. The introduction of non-native species, such as squirrels, could have devastating consequences for the native flora and fauna.


In conclusion, squirrels are not native to Hawaii, and there is no established population of these furry creatures on the islands. Instead, Hawaii’s ecosystem is home to unique and diverse wildlife, shaped by its isolation and the introduction of non-native species like the Indian mongoose and the Japanese white-eye bird. The occasional chipmunk sightings serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem and adhering to strict regulations to protect its natural beauty for generations to come.

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