Why did Amy Allan leave the Dead Files

Why did Amy Allan leave the Dead Files

For nearly a decade, fans of paranormal reality television were captivated by the unique dynamic between psychic medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi on the hit show “The Dead Files.” However, the landscape of the show changed when news broke that Amy Allan had decided to leave, leaving viewers and enthusiasts puzzled. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files” and explore the intriguing circumstances that surrounded her exit.

The Unusual Partnership:

“The Dead Files” distinguished itself in the paranormal TV genre by combining the skills of a seasoned detective with those of a gifted psychic medium. The show followed a format where Steve DiSchiavi would investigate the historical background of a haunted location, while Amy Allan would independently conduct a walk-through of the premises, providing her insights into the supernatural elements present.

Amy Allan’s Extraordinary Abilities:

Amy Allan, known for her extraordinary psychic abilities, claimed to communicate with the dead and sense energies that eluded the average person. Her unique approach involved sketching detailed drawings of the entities she encountered, helping to visualize the spirits haunting the locations featured on the show. Her abilities added a layer of authenticity to “The Dead Files,” making it stand out among other paranormal programs.

The Decision to Leave:

Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files” left many fans in shock and speculation ran rampant. Some suggested creative differences, while others wondered if personal reasons influenced her decision. In a statement released by the show’s producers, Amy cited the toll of the intense and emotionally draining nature of her work as the primary reason for her departure.

The Emotional Toll:

Being a psychic medium on a show like “The Dead Files” required Amy Allan to confront and engage with dark and often malevolent entities. The emotional toll of connecting with the spirit world and absorbing the negative energies surrounding haunted locations took its toll on her mental and emotional well-being. In her departure announcement, Amy expressed the need for a break to prioritize her own mental health and personal life.

Creative Differences:

Another angle to Amy Allan’s departure revolves around potential creative differences between her and the show’s producers. While the exact details remain confidential, it is not uncommon for individuals involved in a long-running project to have differing visions for its direction. The clash of creative perspectives may have contributed to Amy’s decision to part ways with “The Dead Files.”

The Challenge of Validating Psychic Phenomena:

While “The Dead Files” gained popularity for its unique blend of detective work and psychic exploration, the challenge of validating psychic phenomena remains an inherent aspect of the paranormal genre. Skepticism and criticism from those who question the authenticity of psychic abilities may have added an additional layer of stress for Amy Allan.

The Evolution of the Show:

“The Dead Files” underwent a transformation following Amy Allan’s departure. Instead of finding a direct replacement, the show adopted a new format where guest psychics joined Steve DiSchiavi for individual episodes. This change allowed for a variety of perspectives and approaches, but it also marked the end of the iconic partnership that had defined the show for so long.

Amy Allan’s Post-“Dead Files” Career:

After leaving “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan took a step back from the public eye. While she maintained a low profile, she continued her work as a psychic medium and paranormal investigator. Her departure did not signal the end of her career; rather, it marked a shift in focus towards a more personal and private practice.


The departure of Amy Allan from “The Dead Files” remains a mystery filled with speculation and unanswered questions. Whether driven by the emotional toll of her psychic work, creative differences, or a combination of factors, her decision to leave the show marked the end of an era for fans of paranormal television. While “The Dead Files” continued in a new format, the absence of Amy Allan left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who had grown to appreciate her unique abilities and the dynamic she shared with Steve DiSchiavi.