K.R.C. Genk vs Union Saint-Gilloise lineups

K.R.C. Genk vs Union Saint-Gilloise lineups

In the heart of Belgian football, the clash between K.R.C. Genk and Union Saint-Gilloise ignites passion, strategy, and anticipation. As two prominent clubs in the Belgian Pro League, their encounters not only promise riveting gameplay but also showcase the talent and tactical prowess present in Belgian football. The lineup for each team serves as a canvas upon which their strategies and strengths are painted, shaping the narrative of the game. In this analysis, we delve into the intricacies of the lineups of K.R.C. Genk and Union Saint-Gilloise, exploring the players, formations, and potential impact on the match.

K.R.C. Genk Lineup:

  1. Goalkeeper: Théo Leoni – With sharp reflexes and commanding presence, Leoni guards the net with formidable skill, providing a solid foundation for the team’s defense.
  2. Defenders:
    • João Pedro: A versatile full-back known for his speed and defensive acumen, João Pedro bolsters Genk’s backline while contributing to offensive build-up.
    • Carlos Cuesta: A towering presence in central defense, Cuesta’s aerial prowess and tactical awareness make him a vital asset in thwarting opponent attacks.
    • Daniel Muñoz: Combining defensive solidity with attacking flair, Muñoz marauds down the flanks, offering width and creativity in the offensive phase.
    • Jere Uronen: A seasoned defender with a knack for interceptions and precise tackles, Uronen provides stability on the left flank while supporting offensive transitions.
  3. Midfielders:
    • Bryan Heynen: Operating as a linchpin in midfield, Heynen orchestrates play with his vision and passing range, dictating the tempo of Genk’s attacks.
    • Kristian Thorstvedt: A dynamic midfielder blessed with technical skill and dribbling prowess, Thorstvedt unlocks defenses with his creativity and incisive runs.
    • Pierre Dwomoh: A rising talent known for his energy and tenacity, Dwomoh disrupts opponents’ rhythm while providing a link between defense and attack.
  4. Forwards:
    • Paul Onuachu: A towering striker with lethal finishing ability, Onuachu poses a constant threat in the opposition box, capitalizing on crosses and set-pieces.
    • Cyriel Dessers: A forward blessed with agility and goal-scoring instincts, Dessers’ movement off the ball creates space and opportunities for his teammates.
    • Théo Bongonda: A skillful winger renowned for his dribbling prowess and precision in front of goal, Bongonda adds flair and unpredictability to Genk’s attacking arsenal.

Union Saint-Gilloise Lineup:

  1. Goalkeeper: Anthony Moris – With agile reflexes and commanding presence, Moris stands tall between the posts, instilling confidence in the Union Saint-Gilloise defense.
  2. Defenders:
    • Casper Nielsen: A reliable full-back with defensive discipline and attacking intent, Nielsen combines defensive solidity with overlapping runs to support the attack.
    • Abdoul Dante: A composed central defender known for his anticipation and reading of the game, Dante marshals the defense with authority and finesse.
    • Dante Vanzeir: A versatile defender capable of playing across the backline, Vanzeir’s versatility provides flexibility and depth to Union Saint-Gilloise’s defensive setup.
    • Mathias Fixelles: A tenacious defender adept at winning aerial duels and making crucial interceptions, Fixelles adds resilience to the team’s backline.
  3. Midfielders:
    • Daan Dierckx: A midfield maestro known for his vision and passing range, Dierckx dictates play from the center of the park, orchestrating Union Saint-Gilloise’s attacks.
    • Lynel Kitenge: A dynamic midfielder with boundless energy and box-to-box capabilities, Kitenge disrupts opponents’ rhythm while providing defensive cover and offensive support.
    • Deniz Undav: A crafty playmaker blessed with technical skill and dribbling ability, Undav unlocks defenses with his creativity and incisive through balls.
  4. Forwards:
    • Ike Ugbo: A prolific striker with pace and clinical finishing ability, Ugbo poses a constant threat in the final third, capitalizing on scoring opportunities with precision.
    • Loïc Lapoussin: A skillful winger renowned for his pace and trickery, Lapoussin utilizes his agility to beat defenders and deliver dangerous crosses into the box.
    • Brighton Labeau: A dynamic forward with an eye for goal, Labeau’s movement off the ball creates space and goal-scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.


As the two lineups collide on the pitch, each player carries the weight of expectation and the responsibility to execute their role to perfection. The clash between K.R.C. Genk and Union Saint-Gilloise promises to be a spectacle of skill, determination, and strategic maneuvering, where every player’s contribution could tip the scales in favor of their respective teams. It’s not just a game; it’s a battle for supremacy in Belgian football, where the lineups serve as the first chapter in the unfolding drama on the field.


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