Why is Amy Allan Leaving Dead Files

Why is Amy Allan Leaving Dead Files

The paranormal investigative world was left in shock and awe when news broke about Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files.” For over a decade, Allan had been an integral part of the show, captivating audiences with her unique abilities as a medium. However, her sudden exit left fans puzzled and curious about the reasons behind her departure. In this article, we delve into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Amy Allan’s exit from “The Dead Files” and explore the various factors that might have contributed to this unexpected turn of events.

Evolution of “The Dead Files”:

“The Dead Files” first premiered in 2011 and quickly gained popularity for its unconventional approach to paranormal investigations. The show featured a dynamic duo – Amy Allan, a renowned medium, and Steve DiSchiavi, a retired NYPD homicide detective. Together, they tackled cases involving haunted locations, combining Allan’s psychic abilities with DiSchiavi’s investigative skills. The unique format of the show, blending the paranormal with real-world detective work, set it apart from other paranormal reality shows.

Amy Allan’s Unique Abilities:

Central to the show’s success was Amy Allan’s extraordinary ability to communicate with the spirits and entities haunting various locations. Allan claimed to experience intense physical and emotional sensations, allowing her to perceive the spiritual energy present in a space. Her distinctive approach involved sketching detailed drawings of the entities she encountered, providing a visual representation of the paranormal activity.

The Chemistry with Steve DiSchiavi:

The dynamic between Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi was a key element that contributed to the show’s success. DiSchiavi’s skepticism and analytical mindset complemented Allan’s intuitive abilities, creating a balance that resonated with viewers. Their partnership formed the backbone of “The Dead Files,” making it one of the most-watched paranormal investigation shows on television.

Amy Allan’s Departure Announcement:

In 2023, fans were blindsided when Amy Allan announced her departure from “The Dead Files” via social media. Speculation ran rampant as fans tried to understand why she was leaving a show that had become synonymous with her name. Allan’s announcement left many questions unanswered, and her followers were left wondering about the circumstances leading to this unexpected decision.

Burnout and Psychic Strain:

One possible factor contributing to Amy Allan’s departure could be the toll that the intense psychic work took on her. Communicating with the spirit world and delving into the energies of haunted locations may have led to burnout and psychic strain over the years. The emotional and physical toll of constantly connecting with the paranormal could have prompted Allan to take a step back for her well-being.

Personal and Professional Growth:

Another aspect to consider is Amy Allan’s desire for personal and professional growth. After more than a decade on “The Dead Files,” Allan may have felt the need to explore new opportunities or challenge herself in different ways. The paranormal investigation field can be emotionally demanding, and individuals may seek change to avoid stagnation in their careers.

Contractual or Creative Differences:

In the world of television, contractual and creative differences can often be contributing factors to a personality’s departure from a show. It’s possible that negotiations regarding contracts, creative direction, or other behind-the-scenes aspects of “The Dead Files” did not align with Amy Allan’s vision or expectations, prompting her to make the difficult decision to leave.

Transition to New Projects:

Amy Allan’s departure might also signify her interest in pursuing new projects or endeavors. Whether it’s exploring different aspects of the paranormal, engaging in humanitarian efforts, or venturing into entirely unrelated fields, Allan may be seeking new challenges and opportunities outside the realm of “The Dead Files.”


The departure of Amy Allan from “The Dead Files” remains a mystery, with fans left speculating about the true reasons behind her exit. Whether it’s due to burnout, personal growth, contractual differences, or a combination of factors, one thing is certain – Amy Allan’s absence will be deeply felt by the show’s devoted audience. As the paranormal investigation community continues to evolve, only time will reveal the next chapter in Amy Allan’s journey and the impact it will have on the landscape of paranormal television.


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